4Rs Education Program

4Rs - Readin' Ritin' 'Rithmatic Rock 'n' Roll

For 2014, IRRMA is introducing a brand new cirriculum aimed at arming students with knowledge about the history and evolution of rock 'n roll. Trained IRRMA volunteers, staff and board members provide an interactive presentation geared towards your classrooms specific age group and location in Iowa. 

The new cirriculum follows the history of rock 'n roll, from the inventor of rhythm and blues, Muddy Waters to the first major teen idol, Elivs Presley, to the splitting genres in the 60s and 70s and right up to modern day R&B, Rap and Pop music. And, as IRRMA believes in supporting local musicians and artists, the presentation brings light to Iowa musicians as they evolved with the national music scence.

IRRMA does not place a value judgement on any type of music genre and we believe in supporting our young people's musical taste. As all educators know, music opens up a world of opportunities for our students.

If you are interested in having IRRMA come to your classroom, please contact us at 605 351 6156.