Barbara Lancaster

2015 - Spirit Award

Good friends introduced Barbara Lancaster to Rock The Roof at the Roof Garden in Arnolds Park in the summer of 2005. It only took one time to get her hooked again on the rock ‘n’ roll music she says she loved as a teenager.  Barbara hasn’t missed a Rock The Roof concert since that summer.

“Doris Welle writes a column for the Dickinson County News called ‘Campus Hotline.’ In reading Doris’ column one day, the name of Dr Bill Rauhauser jumped out at me,” Barbara said. “Bill and I were childhood friends. I had lost touch with him for many years so I called Doris to see if she knew how to get in touch with Bill. I mailed him a picture of us as children with a note that said ‘if this is you, call me’ and he did. I met Bill and his wife Carol at the next Rock The Roof.”  

Lancaster’s volunteer career and Lifetime Membership with the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association began when Rauhauser suggested that volunteers were needed at the IRRMA Museum. As a museum volunteer she became involved with many museum projects, as well as being on the Museum Advisory Board, and the Induction Committee.

“As a volunteer at Rock The Roof in 2006, I began taking pictures just for fun,” she stated. “I shared copies of my photos with John Senn, who then asked me to be IRRMA’s official photographer for Rock The Roof and other events in our Northwest Iowa area.”

Nine years and approximately 12,000 photos later, she is still doing a volunteer job she loves. The pictures are used on the IRRMA website, in the yearbooks, flyers and posters, as well as preserving our history in photos to help retain the legacy of Rock ‘n’ Roll in Iowa.

“Meeting a lot of great new friends, as well as seeing classmates and friends I hadn’t seen in years at Rock The Roof is an added bonus to being a volunteer for IRRMA,” Barbara declared. “The IRRMA volunteers are a great group of people to work with. The Iowa RockNRoll Music Association is like a big family with one common interest. We all love rock ‘n’ roll music and dancing to it.”

Barbara’s photos and endless hours of work preserving and distributing them to all types of media is the essence of the Spirit Award as she is preserving the history of music in Iowa for generations to come. Congratulations and a huge thank you for preserving those memories for IRRMA!

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