Bob Economaki

2011 - Support People

Bob Economaki of Des Moines, Iowa , received a guitar and sound-on-sound tape recorder from his mother when he was 14 years old.  That gift led to a professional career in audio systems engineering and has allowed Bob to engage in all types of music production for many bands, musicians, and corporations throughout the country.

Bob has recorded, performed front-of-house duties, designed, constructed, repaired and modified electronics, and produced music for IRRMA inductees throughout his career including: Pelican Peace Band; Terra Firma; Tony Valdez; Jim Oatts of the Spartans, Bill Chase and The Des Moines Big Band; Jonathan Rowat; Con Brio; and others.

Most evenings and weekends Bob can be found in his home studio, Catalyst Productions, recording and producing seasoned artists and volunteering his time to new musicians and engineers. Bob’s engineering experience has allowed him session time in other studios such as Westminst’r in Otho, Metro Mix in Minneapolis, Triad Productions in Des Moines , and many project studios. Bob’s extensive collection of high quality microphones and electronics allows his clients access to world-class productions. Some of Bob’s clients have been nominated for Grammys or achieved gold record status.

Bob is a member of the Audio Engineering Society and currently involved with its Technical Committee on Networked Audio. Bob has recently assisted IRRMA in the aspects of digital recording so that the annual IRRMA inductee performances can be mixed and released to the public in a polished format.

Bob’s proudest accomplishment has been to watch his son, Shawn, excel in the music business where he and his band, Stone Sour, are currently under contract with Warner Brothers Records. Shawn and Stone Sour have achieved two gold records and several Grammy nominations.

Bob’s passion is supporting musicians so they can realize their ideas musically. Educating younger aspiring engineers by providing them hands-on, real life experience in all aspects of music production is important to Bob, as is the engineering time he volunteers towards special events.

We are most honored to induct Bob Economaki into the Hall of Fame in 2011 as the representative in the Support Staff Person category. Bob’s contributions epitomize the important role dedicated support people play in the music industry.

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