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Members: Jeff Bockoven, Jack Yates, Kevin Lind, Larry Lind


In 1974 a fresh, new mellower sound was being heard on the radio and that sound, dubbed 'Country Rock', was what inspired the formation of the band BUCKEYE. They started out as a five-piece band, with a steel guitar player, but soon became a traditional four-piece with one of the guitar players doubling on the keyboard. While their main goal was covering the new country rock tunes, their shows always included songs of the early rock ‘n roll pioneers, such as Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Bill Haley & the Comets, Elvis Presley and The Beatles.


During their 28 years of gigging (1974-2002) bass player Larry Lind stuck it out for the full ride while original drummer Jack Yates left in 1984 to move to Arkansas. However, he returned to Fort Dodge in 1986 where he was then able to rejoin the band.


Performing with Larry and Jack at the 2018 Induction concert will be Jeff Bockoven on lead guitar, keys & vocals and Kevin Lind on the keyboard and lead vocals. Together, this was the band's personnel line-up for the last 15 years of its existence, from 1987-2002.


A few noteworthy musicians that helped keep Buckeye afloat for the 28 years they were active are guitarist Keith Brown of The Notorious Noblemen, guitarist Dave Steen of the Hawks, and drummer Dan Trimble. Sadly Brad Sheker, the original lead singer and rhythm guitarist, passed away in 1992.


This year will be both Larry and Jack’s third induction into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. Larry was inducted in 1997 with Dale & the Devonaires and in 1998 with The Notorious Noblemen. Jack was also inducted in 1997 with Dale & the Devonaires and in 2006 with The Scavengers. It will also be Kevin Lind’s second induction after receiving recognition in 2016 as an individual artist.


Buckeye thanks the members of the Iowa Rock & Roll Music Association for their recognition and this great honor.


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