2018 - Band

Members: John Reasoner, Ken Duncan, Mark Dobroth, Bart Ross, Mike Pfeffer, Warren Krueger, Ken Elias, Dave Shawver, and Bruk Gantenbein


Cabala was a high-energy horn band performing throughout Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, and the Midwest from 1976 – 1981.  The hugely popular Iowa City-based band entertained audiences at many of the Midwest’s best venues; from Maxwell’s and Sgt. Pepper’s in Iowa City to The Coliseum in Peoria, Illinois.


Cabala’s powerful combination of a rhythm section, dynamic horns, and rich vocals delivered an exciting stage show enjoyed by thousands of fans.  Band members included John Reasoner (guitars and vocals), Ken Duncan (drums, harmonica and vocals), Mark Dobroth (bass and vocals), Bart Ross (Hammond organ, keyboards and vocals), Mike Pfeffer (vocals and flute), Warren Krueger (congas, percussion and vocals), Ken Elias (trumpet), Dave Shawver (saxophones and flute), and Bruk Gantenbein (vocals and guitar). Cabala performed original music, such as Butterfly Kiss, and a wide variety of cover songs by artists including Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, The Blues Brothers, Little River Band, Little Feat, The Doobie Brothers, Santana, and Steely Dan.

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