Continental Co-ets

2002 - Band

Members: Carol Goins, MaryJo Hofmann, Nancy Hofmann, Vickie Steinman, and Carolyn Behr


In the mid to late 1960s the “All-Girl Sound of the Continental Co-ets” could be heard all across the upper Midwest and Canada. It was a hard-driving sound; not what was then expected of “girl groups.” The Co-ets were pioneers in putting all-girl rock to vinyl.

The band started in Fulda, Minn. in 1964, inspired to Ventures-type instrumentals and surf by guitar teacher Dave Edwards.

The band members were Carol Goins (lead guitar), Nancy Hofmann (bass), Carolyn Behr (rhythm) and Vicki Steinman (drums). Later they were joined by keyboardist Mary Jo Hofmann, Nancy’s sister.

An early highlight for the band was a series of concerts with the Westbrook, Minn. band, The Vultures, billed as the “Battle of the Sexes”; a series that culminated in a summer ’65 booking at the famed Roof Garden Ballroom in Arnolds Park.

Later in 1965, on a bitter cold winter’s day, the girls traveled to Milford to record two band originals: “I Don’t Love You No More” and “Medley of Junk” on the new IGL label (IGL-105). The record was engineered by John Senn of Dee Jay and the Runaways. It was only two IGL releases after the Runaways’ national hit “Peter Rabbit” and it is the first IGL record with two sides of originals. Continental Co-ets recorded two more songs at IGL after playing in the first Roof Garden Jamboree in March of 1966, but the songs were unreleased until the 1990s.

Later the band toured extensively in Canada, enjoying the Northern Lights, occasional protection by the Mounties and encounters with bands as diverse as The Who, the Sir Douglas Quintet, Chad & Jeremy and Jay & the Americans.

By the fall of 1967, college and marriage plans caused the band to splinter but the legacy lives on in the explosive A-side and seductive B-side of IGL-105, preserved on the cd “The IGL Story, Part One.” Rock on!!


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