Mid Continent Productions

1998 - Booking Agent / Promoter

John Brown started Mid Continent Productions in the mid-'60s and built it into one of the most successful booking and management agencies of all time.


Brown helped form, and in some respects create, such groups as The Fabulous Flippers, The Roaring Red Dogs, The Blue Things, The Young Raiders, The Rising Suns and let's not forget, Spider & the Crabs.


There was not a ballroom, town hall, armory, high school, or college in the state of Iowa that was not a client of Brown's Mid Continent Productions.


When it came to promoting rock groups, nobody was better than John Brown. Who would ever forget those infamous city nighttime radio ads for all the Mid Continent bands on KOMA radio in Oklahoma?


There was not a teen in Middle America who didn't tune in to KOMA at night to see what great bands were coming into Iowa, promoted by Brown and Mid Continent.


These ads helped turn Brown's Mid Continent Productions and his bands into household names as well as helped establish his agency as one of the most successful of all time.



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