The Echos V

1998 - Band

Members: Rick Breuss, Bruce Cameron, Rick Chase, Tony Valdez, Greg Miksich, John Spike, and Gary Chase


This group of talented musicians career began in 1965 when the five members were in school at West Des Moines's Dowling High.


The group consisted of brothers Rick and Gary Chase, with Rick on rhythm guitar and Gary on drums, Tony Valdez on lead guitar, Bruce Cameron on keyboards and Rick Breuss on bass guitar. This core of musicians would stay together for the duration of the band through the early '70s.


The group has reformed in recent years for various functions in the Des Moines area featuring multiple original members of the group and two other very talented players in John Spike and Greg Miksich.


One aspect that made the Echo's V one of the most successful acts in Iowa during the '60s was that all five members of the group were outstanding singers.


Probably no other group in Iowa could produce five lead vocalists like The Echo's Five. The closest group to this claim was Omaha's legendary Rumbles. The Echo's V was billed as Iowa's version the Rumbles. They received this endorsement from famed Roof Garden Ballroom owner, Darlowe Olesen. Quite an Endorsement.


Unfortunately, The Echo's V never released any records. However, they did enter Sears Studios in Omaha, NB and cut a five-song demo disc. Hopefully, someday it will be released for all to hear.


In 1967 the Echo's V entered the Iowa State Fair's Battle of the Bands to name the best group for the year in the state. You guessed it; they won the competition. By the late '60s the sound was changing and keeping up with the times, the group added horn players to the show and were billed as The Echo's V Plus Brass. This strategic move kept them at the top of the industry into the early '70s.


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