Coup De Ville

2001 - Band

Members: Jim Clark, Jon Crook, Steve McKinney, Kevin Cox, Kevin Oppendike, Ross Rudsell, Julie Goldstein, and Bob Coon


The summer of 1966 was to be the beginning of what was to later be described by "Entertainment Bits" (a Minnesota publication) as "The best 50's & 60's band in Iowa and probably the midwest."

CoupeDeVille was the brain child of Jim Clark and Bob Coon. While just sophomores at Clinton High School they knew what the future was to bring. After several personnel changes they finally settled on a quintet that consisted of Jim Clark, Bob Coon, Jon Crook, Julie Goldstein and Steve Mckinney. They traveled throughout the midwest as "The Jon Crook Band" for about four years. While working for Hoffman Talent Agency from the twin cities, it was recommended that they change to a more 50's sounding name. Hence the birth of,CoupeDeVille

"The Cadillac of Rock & Roll".

Soon after the release of their first album in 1984 Julie decided to leave the band to devote more time to her family. She was quickly replaced on keyboard/vocals by Kevin Cox. Jim Clark moved from drummer to out front on lead vocals/percushion and was replace on drums by Kevin Oppendike. This was to be the start of a run that would last for the next 12 years and the release of two more albums.

They quickly developed a large following and all through the 80's and 90's they were to appear at all the major rock-n-roll shows in eastern Iowa and western Illinois, sharing the stage with such legends as Del Shannon, Bobby Vee, The Crickets, Gary Lewis, The Shirelles, Buddy Knox and Johnny Rivers just to name a few.

Playing such legendary ballrooms as the Col, Surf, Laramar, Val Aire, Lakeside, Fairyland and Hollyhock in Minnesota. They were regulars at River Boat Days in Clinton, Pufferbilly Days in Boone, The Worlds Largest Beach Party in Williamsburg and at the Easter Seals shows throughout the state. The band still reunites for special fund raisers and private gatherings.


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