Craig Bravender

2015 - Individual Artist

Craig Bravender was born in 1949 at Waterloo. According to his mother, “he came out singing.”

Thanks to the family Wurlitzer jukebox, his father’s New Orleans roots and his mother’s love of country music, Craig spent all of his free hours singing.  He honed his natural vocal abilities in high school as a member of the chorus. When the Beatles hit the USA in 1964, he was totally hooked on performing.

For many years he was content to sing around campfires and for family/friends. Then his wife tricked him into learning enough guitar to accompany himself.

Playing with friends at a birthday party one night, Bravender met Cliff Berinobis (Hall of Fame 2014). Cliff was so impressed with Craig’s singing, he asked him to help start a band. Thus CB & Company was formed and has been playing since 1983.

His roll has been unique with him singing up to 40 songs a night, thanks to a strong and resilient voice. He has entertained for town celebrations, outdoor festivals, opened for Molly Hatchet, played several benefits, toured Eastern and Central Iowa and loved every minute on stage.

Craig Bravender enjoys sharing his talent with the public, has been doing so for over three decades and continues to do so. For his contributions to the music scene in Iowa, he takes his rightful place with the IRRMA Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

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