Craig Erickson

2017 - Individual Artist

Born to a jazz guitarist father and pianist mother, Craig began playing guitar at age 12. By age 13 he had his first band playing neighborhood and school parties. Meanwhile he was honing his keyboard, bass, drums, and songwriting skills in the basement and recording demos.

At age 15 he joined a popular area rock band called “Suede”. By high school he branched out into funk type recording projects with David Hilker, and jazz, playing with “Cirrus”. Moving to Iowa City exposed Craig to the punk-alternative scene and area bands such as “The Survivors” and "The Mannequins”. As his teaching schedule at his dad's music store in Cedar Rapids increased, he moved back to teach a full schedule and also joined “The Silver Dollar Band “and “Upstage” becoming combo dept. manager at The Music Loft. This allowed him the freedom to work on more original music. It also provided him the opportunity to travel to NAMM conventions where he started networking. This resulted in meeting and impressing the head of GUITAR magazine John Stix ,and the owner of Shrapnel records Mike Varney.

He ended up signing a 4 album record contract with Mike's Sharapnel Record Co. The label flew Craig to California in 1992 to begin work on his first full record "Roadhouse Stomp". This set the stage for his co-writing and playing guitar on the comeback record for Glenn Hughes. Following that project he recorded his second CD and joined Glenn for gigs in England and classic rock clubs in US cities. Next he headed to France to promote his own CD. His record Retro Blues Express was distributed and promoted by Roadrunner Records. He followed up with another CD on Shrapnel called “Two Sides” featuring members of the rock group “Badlands”. ”Force Majeure” finished Craigs 4 album contract with Shrapnel.

Following a two week Tommy Bolin Tribute tour in 1998 with Glenn Hughes & Johnnie Bolin, he returned to the recording scene in 2000 with the classic rock record “Shine”. This release was picked up by Mascot Records in Europe and took Craig back to Europe for 2 tours in 2002. Several records followed including “Cosmic Farm” with Rob Wasserman. Two more tours of France in 2007 included the ”Castle Blues” record using French musicians.

Craig's recording studio in his father's music store was flooded and destroyed in 2008. This traumatic event became the subject of songs on Craig's CD “The Porch Of Planet Pluto”. He has also recorded 3 CDs on the Phoenix based record label Fervor Records. The label, headed by Craig's high school buddy David Hilker and also a member of The Iowa Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.

Through the years Craig has written for several major artists and has had his music used in several shows such as Justified, Chicago Fire, and the movie "Enough Said". Craig continues to play the music he loves. Future plan include writing, recording and spreading a musical message of love and life for as long as possible.

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