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Band Members:  Gale Maag, Randy Miller,
David Parker, Ross Camarata, Alan Eacret,
Mike Bancroft, Rick Oltman, Frank Wiewel, Michael Wagner, Niles Naaktgeboren

Dahcotah rocked the Midwest for a decade, from 1970 to 1980. Originally based in Cedar Falls, the band’s strong vocals and gifted players shined on an eclectic repertoire of country rock, Beatles, Buffalo Springfield, Byrds, and originals, making Dahcotah popular on college campuses, clubs, ballrooms and concert halls across the state.

Following some personnel changes, Frank Wiewel joined Dahcotah in 1973. The band moved to Otho, IA, where Frank was part owner of West Minist’r Sound recording studio (now Junior’s Motel). At that point, the band changed its direction, repertoire and stage presentation, opting for a “British rock” feel that better fit their musical roots. While rocking out their adaptations of tunes by Mott The Hoople, Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Cheap Trick, The Who, The Beatles, and others, they also mixed in a lot more original material.

Dahcotah hit it’s stride in the mid-70s. Their single, “Too Easy To Love,” came out in 1976, on the Cognito Records label, and received strong airplay across the nation. It reached the “Top 10” in markets like Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Atlanta, GA, San Francisco Bay Area, Madison, WI, Minneapolis, MN, St Louis, MO, Waterloo, Aberdeen, SD and others. Consequently, “Too Easy to Love” broke into the record industry’s top three trade magazines: “Billboard”, where it landed on their Hot 100, “Record World” and “Bill Gavin Report.”

Being on stage, in front of a rock and roll crowd…THAT is what Dahcotah was really about. And audiences agreed. “Dahcotah, a combination that spells excitement from the flash and electricity of this Iowa band’s stage show,” printed Insider, Midwest Magazine of Music News, Arts and Lifestyles.


Al Williamson, owner of Maxwell’s in Iowa City, stated, “In my opinion, Dahcotah is the premier rock group in the state of Iowa. The show is excellent. The stage presence and entertainment value is superior to that of most major recording artists. (Their) original material is the stuff of which hits are made. Dahcotah (is) the only million dollar band working for a reasonable price!”

Besides headlining concerts where the single was high on the charts, like St Louis, where an estimated 20,000 showed up for an outdoor concert, Dahcotah also had gigs with ZZ Top, Styx, Head East, Brownsville Station, Charlie Daniels Band, Pablo Cruise, The Grassroots, Wet Willie, Chilliwack, Crazy Elephant, and Baby. In 1979, Dahcotah was voted by readers of the Prairie Sun, Midwest Rock ‘n Roll weekly, to the top 10 “Best Midwest Artist”, joining ranks with five major recording artists: Bob Seger, Cheap Trick, Styx, REO Speedwagon and Dan Fogelberg.

Dahcotah was really rockin’ and headed upward. The band recorded a bunch of tunes for a follow-up album to “Too Easy To Love.” Unfortunately, the record company went through some major upheavals, and the album never materialized.

Dahcotah band members, start to finish, were:
Gale Maag - Guitar, Vocals (1970-1980)
Randy Miller - Vocals, Keyboards (1970-1980)
David Parker - Drums, Backing Vocals (1970-1980)
Ross Camarata - Guitar, Bass, Vocals (1972-1975 & 1978)
Alan Eacret - Guitar, Vocals, Bass (1970-1973)
Mike Bancroft - Guitar, Bass (1970-1971)
Rick Oltman - Guitar (1971-1972)
Frank Wiewel - Bass, Vocals (1973-1975)
Michael Wagner - Bass, Vocals (1975-1979)
Niles Naaktgeboren - Bass, Backing Vocals (1979-1980)

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