Dave Christopherson

2015 - Individual Artist

Dave Christopherson started playing drums in 1969 and joined his first band while in high school in Waterloo.

1973 found him joining the band The League, playing three nights per week and weekends.

Christopherson hit the road for seven months in 1975 playing guitar and keyboards in a show band at Ramada Inns. He returned to Iowa joining a band from Jesup called The Southern Knights. They still get together after 30 years and he says, “This is a great joy for me.”

During the same time period he was playing with the Waterloo band Tennyson. 1982 found him a resident of Colorado playing lead guitar and piano for Rumor Hazz-it. The band played Colorado, Utah and Wyoming full time. They also opened for Elvin Bishop, Johnny Lee and The Dirt Band.

The talented musician was hired by the band High Class in 1984. They did a USO tour for the Department of Defense, entertaining in Korea, Japan, the Philippines and Okinawa. “I felt honored to provide entertainment for the men and women who protect our freedom. It was a trip of a lifetime,” said Christopherson.

Upon his return, he moved back to Iowa and joined a 50’s band called Baby Moon and the White Walls in Waterloo. He also started back with the Southern Knights.

In 1986 Christopherson applied for an audition for the Southern Knights with the USO. The band entertained troops in Germany, Egypt and Israel.

For the past 15 years, Dave has performed with Doug Koempel and the Memory Brothers, playing lead guitar. He also worked with Richie Lee and the Fabulous 50’s for several years playing keyboards and guitar.

Dave Christopherson is an exemplary musician with a far-reaching career who rightfully takes his place in the Hall of Fame Class of 2015.

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