David Sandler

2017 - Promoter

David Sander was born in Des Moines, Iowa and received his secondary and high school education in West Des Moines which included eleven years of classical piano training there and four years of alto saxophone lessons. David began writing songs and arranging them in his home while searching for an outlet for them. In college he started to do a few sessions and get his name around.

By the late 1960's and early 1970's he was producing Des Moines area bands such as the Sunday Social, Tommy T's Federal Reserve, the Sheffields, the Wild Cherries, and the Heritage. Some of the recordings were released on major labels such as Kapp and PIP. He also recorded three singles on the Council Bluffs-Omaha group, the Rumbles Ltd for Sire, GNP, Crescendo, and Capitol Records.

David moved to California in 1971 and was asked by Brian Wilson of The Beach Boys to co-produce an album with the group American Spring. His work with Brian is described in detail in Peter Carlin's new biography about Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys called, "Catch a Wave" which promises to be one of the defining books on the subject.

Later in 1971 year he produced an album for Westminist’r in their Otho, Iowa studio. The group was fascinated by the idea of having David and Brian Wilson do some American Spring recordings at the studio in Otho, so David convinced Brian and the group to make the trip east to do the sessions. Four songs were cut there which were sold to Columbia (CBS) Records, including a the song, "Shyin' Away" written by Wilson and David which was subsequently released as a single.

After moving back to the midwest to Minnesota in 1973 David wrote and produced the song, "Minnesota" by his new group, Northern Light, which told a kind of personal tale of a midwestern boy in California longing to return home. This record went top ten across the region and was on the national charts for several weeks. The record did quite well in Iowa markets such as Waterloo, Mason City, Davenport, and Sioux City. Following up their hit, Northern Light toured several venues in Iowa to thousands with the group “Kansas”, including concerts at Spencer, Cedar Rapids, and Council Bluffs-Omaha.

David had a great relationship with radio music directors in Iowa who gave his records a chance by playing them on the air. Particularly, Peter McClain and the late Dic Youngs of KIOA in Des Moines who played just about every record David ever released, as well as Gene Varian who helped him hook up with and produce so many Des Moines area bands.

David continues to write and play with his band, Northern Light, which has released four cd's.

With his producing and recording skills and his ability to influence major record labels and radio programming directors, David’s work made a significant impact on Iowa Rock and Roll music by enabling many local groups to receive local, regional, and in some cases, national attention.

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