Dee Jay and the Runaways

1997 - Band

Members: Denny Story, John D. Senn, Gary Lind, Jim Wiener, Bob Godfredsen, Dennis Kintzi, Sam French, and Tom Vallie


This Spirit Lake, Iowa based group is responsible for putting Iowa on the mid 60's rock and roll map with their hit recording "Peter Rabbit." It charted on Billboard's Top 40 in 1965 and remained on the national charts for fourteen weeks in late 1965 and early 1966.


The record about that famous little rabbit sold over 400,000 copies and charted number #1 in Baltimore, Minneapolis, Cincinnati, & Seattle. It was also a big seller in countries such as Canada, Italy, and Brazil.


The Dee Jay & The Runaways story starts in 1964 when Denny Storey and John Senn brought together Gary Lind, Bob Godfredsen, Tom Vallie, and Chuck Colgrove and soon after that Denny Kintzi to form the original Dee Jay & The Runaways.


It was soon after the formation of the group that the famed IGL Recording Studios opened, founded by Senn and Milford, Iowa residents Cliff Plagman and Roger Blunt. It's from this studio that "Peter Rabbit" hopped out to national fame.


Even though the core group members of the Runaways would remain the same in the years to come, other musicians made their way through the group, such as Rusty Davis, Terry Klein, Sam French, Grant Gilmore, Jim Johan, Jim Groth, Roger Whitmore, Roger Hughes, Jim Weiner, and Curt Powell.


The Runaways officially broke up in 1968, but many of the musicians from the Runaways have been an active part of the Iowa music scene up to this day.


The Runaways can lay claim as being Iowa's only band to have appeared on ABC-TV's "Where The Action Is" in July of 1966.


It only fits that upon the formation of The Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame, that the group responsible for Iowa's number one selling single of the '60s, be inducted in the Hall of Fame’s inaugural year.


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