Don Bourret

2014 - Matousek Family Lifetime Achievement Award

Don Bourret has had a long career as a musician and drummer, playing with some of the most notable bands to have toured Iowa and the midwest for forty years. His steady hands and placement of the groove had led him to explore a range of musical styles and be a powerhouse drummer.

Bourret first began as a drummer for The Velaires, playing with the Velaires for the first six years. The Velaires recorded “Roll Over Beethoven” in 1961, and made it to number 51 on Billboard Magazine.

The Velaires also played on the Dick Clark’s American Bandstand, the Michigan State Fair, and Dick Clark Caravan of Stars with Dick & Dede, Paul & Paula, and the Dovels.

Bourret’s musical interests did not only reside with rock ‘n roll. He branched out to study and perform several different musical styles. First with a jazz trio, Daryll Warners big band, and then Eddy Skeets Poka Band. In 1967, he played in a country band six nights a week at the Longbranch in Sioux City.

By the early 70s, Bourret was also performing with Myron Lee and the Caddies, in hommage to his rock ‘n roll roots.

During the 80s, Bourret and Velaire guitar player Bob Dawdy performed with the country band F-Troupe for a while and then with the band Sundown.

The Velaires reunited when they were inducted into the 1997 Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame. They played together until the death of bandmate Danny Matousek.

In honor of his relationship with Matousek and his lifelong career as a drummer, the Matousek family is bestowing the Matousek Lifetime Achievement to Bourret.

Bourret moved out of town until 2005. He moved back to Sioux City and the Velaires began playing again. At age 74, he is still out playing music.

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