2016 - Band

Band Members:  Dan Collenbaugh, John Delaney,
Monte Erickson, Brent Hoefer, Jerod Zimmer, Rob Threlkeld

When Dan Collenbaugh was 16 years old he began taking guitar lessons from a teacher who was 50 miles away. Little did he know that he would be driving a lot more miles than that to fulfill his passion for guitar playing rock and roll. Dan also spent a lot of drive time hours traveling to Madison, South Dakota, and it was there he constructed an acoustic guitar only using hand tools.

Collenbaugh began his professional (hobby) playing in 1977 and started his first band. There were a lot of challenges facing bands in those days, Disco was taking off and DJs were becoming popular, and then Karaoke entered the scene; where everyone gets a chance to shine, and the first band failed.

Despite all the obstacles a true rocker never gives up. Dan started the Drivetime Band in October 1988 with three other very talented musicians who enjoyed playing 70s and 80s rock.

Because no one was from the same town Dan decided to call the band DRIVETIME since all members had plenty of “drive time” involved in going to practices and to the venues that they would be playing, covering Northwest Iowa, Southwest Minnesota, and Southeast South Dakota. The band would be playing 70/80s rock and Rob accepted on the spot. Dan Collenbaugh – Rock Valley, on rhythm guitar and harmonies, Matt Hagin – Rock Rapids, bass guitar and lead vocals, Rob Threlkeld, lead guitar and Kelly Pool, drums and harmonies – Sioux Falls, South Dakota were the original members.

Back in 1988 it was never anyone’s intention to be in the same band for the next 27 years. The Original line up lasted many years until Matt had to leave for job requirements, and Ronnie Dillion from Beresford, South Dakota was hired as lead singer. Ronnie also played lead guitar, and Dan moved over to playing bass guitar. After 1 year Ronnie’s job transferred him to California and Kelly had a bad accident that shattered his arm forcing him to quit drums for good. John Delaney from Hawarden replaced Ronnie. John was the band’s lead singer and front man. Kelly was replaced by drummer/lead singer Mark Steffens from Sioux Falls, South Dakota. After several very successful years both Rob and John left a few months apart for health reasons and Mark then moved to Minneapolis, MN. Rob was replaced by Monte Erickson, of Craig, on lead vocals and lead guitar. Brent Hofer, Sioux City, replaced Mark on drums and lead vocals. Mike Hofer Sioux City, was also added as lead vocalist and front man. Dan has played lead guitar, rhythm guitar, and bass guitar throughout the 27 years. Great musicians have come and gone but the 1 original member, Dan, would always be able to find other musicians that would want to join the band.

For many years the band played 35 plus weekends a year, opening for Grand Funk Railroad, Mitch Ryder, and the Detroit Wheels at Awesome Harley Nights in Sioux City over a course of 4 years. Drivetime was the house band for 7 years at the Ritz in Arnolds Park. They played at the ABATE rally in Algona, IA for 5 years. Drivetime performed at the Green Space in Arnolds Park and has always been welcomed at Waddy’s in Hudson, South Dakota along with The Other Bar in Hawarden, and another regular stomping ground for the band was Sportsman’s in Rock Rapids.

Throughout the years the band has always stuck to their original goal to “play what our audience wants to hear.”

“We enjoyed letting people come on stage with us to play the tambourine, cowbell, and sing. The places that hired us have repeatedly commented how well we treat the people and let them get involved,” said Collenbaugh. “One comment we heard from a fan pretty much said it all, ‘You guys play music that brings back good memories and I love it.’”

Drivetime ended its 27 year performance streak on August 15, 2015 at Waddy’s in Hudson, South Dakota, much the way they started, a band of guys who would rather rock out with a bunch of friends on a Saturday night than try to be rock stars.

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