Educating and Funding Future Rock ‘n’ Rollers

The Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Association takes great pride in offering resources for children of all ages to learn about rock ’n’ roll music, and to help fund the futures of Iowa students looking to continue their musical education past high school. We do this through offering the 4Rs Education Program and the Rock ’n’ Roll Scholarship program.

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Scholarship Program

Established at the beginning of 2004, the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Scholarship Foundation encourages college-bound students in Iowa to study and prepare for professions in music.


Gretsch Guitar Art Program

This program, started in 2004, places eight guitars donated by the Gretsch Guitar Company to the IRRMA in the art departments of schools around Iowa every year where they are decorated in a musical theme.


4R's Education Program

This is a special program presented by IRRMA members who not only helped establish rock ’n’ music in Iowa, but keep its spirit alive today - keeping the history of Iowa rock ’n’ roll to younger generations.