Battle of the Bands Rules and Regulations


Contest Rules and Regulations


The Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Music Association, in conjunction with its Board of Directors will host a state-wide Battle of the Bands competitions for student musicians. Board members will host regional competitions and those winners will move on to the final state competition. 


At least three bands must enter in order to host a regional event. In the event that an excessive number of bands enter, the regional director may elect to host a pre-selection process to be determined and set-up by the IRRMA staff. This process would involve the bands submitting a CD recording of one song (in any file format) to be judged by a prior selection committee based entirely on a musicianship score.


Bands need not be from, or based out of, the region where they compete. A band must consist of at least two performing musicians to be considered eligible.  


All musicians competing must be a registered students in the state of Iowa and under 21 years old by September 1, 2017. Bands who enter a regional competition must never have won the IRRMA state Battle of the Bands competition previously. All music must be performed live, background tracks or karaoke are not permitted. Each band must not perform more than 2 songs, not to exceed ten minutes, at the regional competition. Rock and roll music is encouraged, but all musical genres are accepted. Original compositions are also appropriate for the competition. A band will be disqualified for performing music considered lude, violent, sexist, racist or that contains inappropriate language. 



Judging Process and Requirements


The regional competition is required to have three judges. One judge must have a musical background. Judges may not be related to any musicians competing in the Battle of the Bands. 


Board Members for IRRMA are not allowed to judge entries for the regional competition to which they are host. Furthermore, a board member from another region may judge a regional competition, but are limited to judging one competition per competition year. No IRRMA Board Members may judge the state finals. Board members must not receive any compensation directly from the musicians competing for teaching, judging or instructing any musicians involved in their host region or in a region where they are judging. 


Bands are judged on a rubric from 1-5 for each song they perform. This rubric is used to ensure fair and equal judging of all bands from across the state, so as not to create more difficult or easily qualifying regions. Five equates a “perfect score.” Fives should be reserved for the band does not need any work in that category. Threes are for an average performance, and ones should be reserved for those bands that need lots of improvement in the category. 1/2 scores or points are not permitted. Judges will be asked to re-score if a 1/2 point is entered as a score. 


The four judging areas are as follows, and will applied to each individual song a band performs: 



Creativity 1 2 3 4 5

Is the song interesting and fun to listen to?


Cohesiveness 1 2 3 4 5

Does the band play well together as a group? 


Stage Presence 1 2 3 4 5

Does the band appear comfortable in front of an audience? 



Musicianship 1 2 3 4 5

Are they technically successfully with their instruments/voice?



The scores are then tallied for each song equal one numeric score in each category. Those category scores are then added together for a final numeric score. The band with the highest numeric score wins the competition. In the event of a tie, the auditor’s sheet will be reviewed and the band with the higher score in Musicianship will win the tie-breaker. 


Judges Ballots and the Auditor Scores will be saved to be used as a record. These scores will be sent to IRRMA offices in Arnolds Park where they will be held until the state finals.