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Members: John Young, Chuck Pope, Neal Rollison, Dan Weigel, Ralph Goldheim, Frank Spray

Sioux City-based rock band, The Evolution of Sound, played a wide variety of classic rock, country, heavy metal, psychedelic, soul, and rhythm and blues. The six-man combo played extensively throughout Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota, and Minnesota from 1966-1970. 

They had a dedicated following and were well known for their wide-ranging repertoire. The Evolution of Sound was considered a great dance band and appreciated for its harmonies. 

The band came together in 1965 when three ninth-graders living on McCook Lake invited other kids to join their group, aptly named, The Rolling Rejects. Following that, Dan Weigel, Neal Rollison, and Frank Spray practiced together and continued to invite various local musicians to join. Eventually, the band took off when John Young—formerly of the Jailbirds—became the lead singer, and Chuck Pope took over lead guitar.                         
After several gigs, the members realized they needed a decent keyboard player and made their way to a local music store to post a notice. Upon entrance, they noticed a skinny 12-year-old boy running his fingers up and down a Farfisa organ. They turned to one another and said, “Yep, that’s our guy.” Thus, Ralph Goldheim became the 6th, and final, member of The Evolution of Sound. 

During their years together, The Evolution of Sound performed at a multitude of venues including The Loft and The Dunes, numerous high school dances, community dance halls, and ballrooms. The band entered every Battle of the Bands contest and always placed at or near the top; they were invited to perform on Channel 9 Kids Corner and Channel 14 Discovery; and they participated in a Jerry Lewis telethon at the Sioux City auditorium, which was televised live throughout Siouxland.

In June of 1970, The Evolution of Sound shared the stage with Fox and The Last Chapter to kick out the jams for several thousand attendees at the very first Rock Festival at Grandview Park in Sioux City. The event eventually became Saturday in the Park 4th of July Festival, attracting 50,000 fans annually. The Evolution of Sound also performed at two 4th of July Dances on the Empress showboat tours and the Roof Garden.

Members include John Young (lead vocals), Chuck Pope (lead guitar), Neal Rollison (rhythm guitar), Dan Weigel (bass guitar), Ralph Goldheim (keyboards), and Frank Spray (drums). All members sang backup vocals. Additionally, Tommy Rempp acted as Promoter/Booking Agent in the early days, and Johnny Bolin occasionally substituted on drums when the need arose. The Evolution of Sound disbanded at the end of 1970, at which time three members joined the military, one continued college, one moved to San Francisco, and one went on to finish high school. Later, several former band members joined other rock groups including The Rumbles, The Smoke Ring, and Lazy Day (later renamed Bonesteel). Members Frank Spray and Neal Rollison are being honored posthumously.

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