Frequently Asked Questions

What does IRRMA Stand for?

          Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association

When was IRRMA started?

The IRRMA was started in 1997.

When was the museum opened?

The museum was opened in 2003. 

Is there a cost to tour the museum?

Admission is $1.00 for persons 12 and older. This nominal fee helps us keep our doors open, and donations are always appreciated.

Do other states have associations such as IRRMA?

Iowa was the first state to start our own music non-profit. Since 1997, our board of directors have been involved in helping other state begin their own music associations. IRRMA was also the first, and to-date only, state music association to have a free-standing museum.

Where can I find information about the museum?

The web site or call 712-332-6540

Who can a person contact about donating memorabilia to the museum?

The Rock 'n Roll Museum has a collections policy to help ensure we are retaining the materials that fit our mission. If you are interested in donating items to our collection, please speak with our Curator or Executive Director. Our Board of Directors and Regional Consultants cannot except donations from the public. Ownership of donated memorabilia transfers to IRRMA through our signed deed.

How can a person nominate someone for the Hall of Fame?

We ask that nominations come through our website or through our staff offices. When nominating a person for consideration, please note that the more biographical information you can send with your nomination, the more easily the Board of Directors can review that nominee. Once a person/entitiy is nominated is remains on the nomination list indefinately and does not need to be re-submitted. Nominations that are sent directly to Board Members are not eligible for induction. Self-nominations are also not eligible for induction. Nominations without biographical information accompanying them are also not eligible for induction.

Are there tours available for the museum?

Yes, we do many tours throughout the year for schools, service clubs, & other organizations. You can contact the museum to arrange these. There is no charge for school groups, as we receive sponsorships for schools to have free tours. If you are interested in sponsoring a tour, please contact the Executive Director.

Who is eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame?

Bands, individual performers, radio stations, disc jockeys, booking agents and promoters, ballrooms, support persons, music stores, recording studios, and others who had an impact  on rock & roll in Iowa.