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Members: Carlos Dillard, Charlie Evans, Sam Salamone, Russ Gere, Greg "Gramps" Peery, Mitch Espe

Flipside was formed in 1980 as an R&B and jazz band, playing clubs five to six nights a week in the Des Moines area. Before long, they switched to rock ‘n roll dance music and added some of the top players in the area to the band. They kept very busy with the genre change but were still able to sprinkle jazz and R&B tunes into their repertoire.

In the early ‘80s, Flipside, along with the Cavaliers and Night Flight, kept the Des Moines music scene rocking while few other bands survived. Flipside supplied music to the Des Moines area at a time when local venues were hiring out of town show bands and needed high energy, high quality rock ‘n roll entertainment.

Around 1986, the Des Moines live-music scene turned to disco. To keep the band alive, Flipside hit the road.


From 1986 to 2000, the group traveled from coast to coast playing festivals, clubs, and corporate gigs.

During their years on the road, the band played from Vancouver, Canada to the Cayman Islands, and everywhere in between. Flipside also performed in such notable locations as the Poconos Resorts; the Courdelaine Resort in Idaho; South Padre Island in Texas; and Richards on Richards in Vancouver Canada. The band also flew to the Redwoods in northern California for a private function and performed at five-star hotel chains in Denver, Dallas, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Kansas City, as well as casino chains in Nevada, Louisiana, Minnesota, Michigan, New York, and Florida.
While on the road, Flipside performed as the opening act for bands like 3 Dog Night, Gin Blossoms, Joan Jett, K.C., and the Sunshine Band, Kool and the Gang, and The Spinners.

Original members of the band for its entire 38-year run include Charlie Evans and Carlos Dillard. Flipside is known as one of the top rock and roll bands to originate in Des Moines, and after being on the road for 14 years, in 2000 they returned home to Des Moines and have been working steadily ever since.

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