Flying Marsupials

2016 - Band

Band Members:  J.C. Wilson, Lance Eaton,
Mark Leeper, Steve Rorebeck, Dave Stalder, Nate Carlson, Brian Vance, Andy TeBockhorst

The Flying Marsupials formed in 1989 and played in central Iowa through 2003. Band members include Lance Eaton, Steve Rorebeck, JC Wilson, Andy TeBockhorst, Mark Leeper, Dave Stalder, Nate Carlson, and Brian Vance.

The party-loving band played everything from bars and weddings to huge venues and outdoor festivals. Over the years, The Flying Marsupials opened for many big name acts including Lynnyrd Skynnyrd, .38 Special, Cheap Trick, Loverboy, Eddie Money, Little River Band, and many others. The Flying Marsupials were known as Des Moines’ #1 party band for many years, and still get together a few times each year to relive the party and put on their classic, high energy shows.

The biggest show the band ever played was when came through Des Moines. They played at Blank Park to an estimated 30,000 people. Another memorable show was when they played at the CARP Festival on the Court Avenue Bridge. The show ended with a power cord and then an instant deluge broke out, heavy rain, big wind blew over all the speakers, they grabbed all their gear and ran for cover

Another memorable story for the band was opening for Eddie Money. They recalled Money being outstanding during sound check, then decided to drink too much with the band until the show, where Eddie Money ended up too drunk and his performance was pretty lousy. The band also remembers the Flood of ’93; a fireman broke up their show at Embassy Suites to evacuate the crowd and help the band get to the second floor.

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