Fredlo Studios

2001 - Recording Studio

Members: Fred Mauck and Lois Mauck

Fredlo Records, based in Davenport, earned a place of honor in this states musical history when the company recorded and released what is thought to be the first Rock and Roll record to originate in Iowa. "Janet" , recorded in 1957 by IRRHOF inductee Layton Zbornik.

Fredlo was owned and operated by Fred and Lois Mauck out of their Davenport home. The Maucks lived upstairs while the ground level was occupied by the business and studio. The company functioned both as a recording studio for hire and a record label. Mr. Mauck acted as both label head and recording engineer. Aspiring musicians would pay to have themselves recorded and records made up. If Mr. Mauck sensed some commercial potential he might record and artist at no charge and release the recording as a Fredlo record on "spec" , hoping for that big national "Hit" record that all independent labels of the day dreamed of releasing.

Details of the Fredlo operation remain sketchy as both the Maucks have since passed away, but it is thought that the label operated at least from the late 50s to the late 60s. Fredlo recorded and released many different recordings and although none is known to have made the national charts many were sold in the Quad City area.

Fredlo Records should be remembered not just as the source of Iowa's first Rock and Roll record, although that would be enough, but also as a place where many of eastern Iowa's Rock and Roll Pioneers could go and record their music under the careful and sincere guidance of Fred and Lois Mauck. It is because of this that it is fitting to add the Fredlo Record Company to those honored by the Iowa Rock and Roll Associations Hall of Fame.

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