Gary Kellgren

2017 - Individual Artist

Gary Kellgren was an institution. Born and raised in Shenandoah, Gary graduated in 1957. His classmates and friends growing up in this small Midwestern town included Charlie Haden (known as the worlds best Jazz bass player), Larry Greenwalt (nationally known visual artist) and Phil Everly (The Everly Brothers).

Gary Kellgren made overwhelming contributions to not only how music was recorded (pioneered 8 track and 24 track, phasing, and psychedelic sound effects), but also the way it was recorded. He single handedly was responsible for changing studios from what they were – fluorescent lights, white walls and hardwood floors – to the comfortable and inviting spaces that they are today. It was his concept to bring color, artistic design,hotel-like comforts & services to the world of recording studios. So, he opened The Record Plant, his first of three.

Gary was sought after for his uncanny ability to hear how the recording should sound when finished. He recorded all the stars of the 60's and 70's including John Lennon (he had just left The Record Plant in NY the night he was shot), George Harrison, Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix (Hendrix first album recorded at The Record Plant was Electric Ladyland), The Animals, The Velvet Underground, Frank Zappa, Buddy Miles, Rod Stewart, BB King, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Barbra Streisand, The Eagles, Crosby - Stills & Nash, Stevie Wonder, Kieth Moon, Neil Diamond and Sly and the Family Stone to name a few.

After opening their second studio in L.A. with, business partner Chris Stone, he moved there and recorded John Lennon and Paul McCartney the last time they played together, mixed Woodstock, and a host of others as all studio space on both coasts were full many months in advance. In 1972 he opened his third studio in Sausalito where Fleetwood Mac' "Rumours" and Bob Marley's "Talkin' Blues" among many others were recorded. Gary worked all the time, sometimes not leaving the studio for days at a time ("you check in but never check out" - The Eagles four day recording binge Hotel California").

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