Hampton Road

2017 - Band

Band Members:  Bill Reichle, Dennis Bemboom,
Brian Enabnit, Greg Blum, Joseph Gianio, Kathy Keating, Perry Keating, Michael Addyman, Ron Dick, Ted Rolling,
Teri Lynn Lawson, Tom Paradiso

Hampton Road was a group based out of Dubuque in the late 60's/early 70's performing in Iowa, Illinois, and Wisconsin. A 9-piece horn band with roots in rock, blues, and jazz they set a standard of playing music and thrilling audiences with a dynamic sound and stage presence.


The band was formed in 1969 when Dave Spellman and Dennis Bemboom were working at Faber’s Music in Dubuque. The original concept was to create a group that could play music other than the guitar, bass and drum lineup so prevalent at that time. Ted Rolling and Jim Newman were quickly recruited, and the search went on for the horns needed to round out the sound they envisioned. At that time the decision to add a vocalist was made, and in rapid succession, Dave Higgs, Jeff Mariyama, Ron Dick, Dennis Digman and Pat Scott (Tom Paradiso later replaced Pat) were added.


Their first rehearsals were held in a downtown Dubuque Urban Renewal Building slated for demolition late in 1969. Soon after, the band began playing for audiences around Dubuque. It was always a challenge as many venues did not have a stage or performance area of sufficient size to handle nine people and their equipment. It soon became evident that to be successful Hampton Road had to reach out beyond the local music scene. Rehearsals now moved to the band room at Loras College where marathon sessions were held to existing polish material and experiment with new arrangements.


In the early 1970s, word started to reach other universities and colleges in the Midwest of a pretty good bunch of musicians playing a lot of fun music and the bookings followed. This is when Hampton Road hit the road playing to appreciative crowds in Iowa, Wisconsin & Illinois.


Over the years there were many highlights in their performing career. Summer/fall of 1970 was especially memorable with several high profile performances: opening for REO Speed Wagon, at The University of Wisconsin Madison, University of Iowa, University of Illinois Champaign/Urbana among many others plus recording a version of Freddie Scott’s 1963 hit “Hey Girl” that received local airplay on WDBQ & KDTH.

By 1972 the group had several members drafted into the Army and others went on to join other bands. Dennis Bemboom went on to play with The Bands of Gold with Terry Williams & Phil Rawson, Ted Rolling went on the road with Galen replacing Pat Leonard who went on to The Allman Brothers Band and later with Ron, & Tom in Yesterday’s Children.


In the three short years the band performed and traveled the Midwest, they left an indelible impression on all they touched. One of the earliest local examples of high powered Soul, R & B, Rock, Blues & Jazz all in one performance, the Hampton Road set the standard for the bands that followed them over the last 40 years.

Original Members were: Dennis Bemboom, Ted Rolling, Dave Spellman, Jim Newman, Jeff Mariyama, Dennis Digman, Tom Paradiso. Deceased members include Ron Dick, Pat Scott, Dave Higgs.


In 2010, Dubuque area musicians decided to get some of the old bands together for a Classic Rock jam session. Though some of the original members have passed away, there have been personnel replacements to make up for the loss. The current lineup of the band since 2010 is Dennis Bemboom, Ted Rolling, Denny Digman, Tom Paradiso, Ron Dick, Joe Gianino, Mike Addyman, Perry Keating, Bill Reichle, Greg Blum, Kathy Keating, Teri Lawson, Brian Enabnit.

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