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The Pages

Hometown:Oelwein Iowa
Members:Ken Barry, Jim Hines, Paul Bezilla, Bill "Saki" Megonigle, Jon James, Mike Rouse, Jim Enke, and Denny Carlson

When it came to being top guns on the North East and Eastern Iowa rock scenes in the late 60's and early 70's, our next Hall of Fame inductees lead the way.1964 was the year The Pages from Oelwein, Iowa started their rock and roll journey.

The original lineup included: Ken Barry-drums, Jim Hines-guitar, Paul Bezilia-bass, and Rich Michael-keyboards.They got their start by working with KOEL's DJ, Jack Mihall at the famed Lakeside Ballroom.

By 1968, they were top draws across Eastern Iowa, and parts of Wisconsin and Illinois. Their key markets were any of lowa's famed ballrooms. From Matter's in Decorah, to The Lakeside in Guttenberg, to The Hi-Way Gardens in Stanwood, to The Dance-Mor in Swisher, they set attendance records wherever they played.

In 1968, Berry was replaced on drums by Bill "Saki" Megonigle. In 1970, they added a tight horn section in the form of Jon James-Sax/trumpet, Mike Rouse-trumpet, and Jim Enke on trombone.

By 1971, Megonigle left the group and was replaced on drums by Denny Carlson. In 1972 new horn players were added who included: Al Naylor-trumpet and Loren Fagen-trombone.

During their career they played with the likes of the New Colony Six, Paul Revere & The Raiders, Climax, and Tony Orlando & Dawn. In 1968, they released their solo recorded effort, "High School/Sugar On The Road" (UA Records 54300).

In the years that The Pages were together, they left quite an impact on lowa's rock music scene, with that in mind we are pleased to welcome them as 1999 inductees to the Hall.

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