Inner Lite

2015 - Band

Band Members:  Chris Kaske, Jim Downs, Larry Mersereau, Rick Goodman, Fred Koogler,
Martin Downs

It was the spring of 1969 and the original members of the rock and roll band known as The Inner Lite consisted of Rick White, Dan Sullivan, David Robinett and Mike Robinett. They signed on with RJ Enterprises of Urbandale. This connection led them to record a song written by Ritchie Cordell, an American songwriter, singer and record producer.

Cordell was well known in the music industry, writing several hits for many bands, including Tommy James and the Shondels. The song under consideration by The Inner Lite was called “Hold Onto Him” and needed a strong lead vocal. The band had no lead singer. Band member Rick White was appointed to make a call to Jim Downs, who had been the lead singer in a successful local band called Bottom of the 5th.

Downs agreed to join the band, and now the band was complete. Off to Chicago they went to record the first record by The Inner Lite. It was released in November of 1969. The single did quite well, playing in seven different states, hitting #4 on KIOA Radio and #1 in the small college town of Oswego, New York.

When the band was ready to record the next time, another member, Chris Kaskie was added to the group. Chris’s harmonica playing was featured on both sides of their next record.

The A side of the recording was called “If I Only Knew” and was written by Ritchie Cordell. Downs and Kaskie shared the lead singing and it hit #17 on KIOA.

With the two lead singers and talented musicians, they were able to cover a wide variety of music from Three Dog Night to Mountain. During its prime years The Inner Lite played about every ballroom and hotspot in Iowa.

Today The Inner Lite, composed of Kaske, Downs, drummer Larry Mersereau have joined up with Rick Goodman, Fred Koogler and Martin Downs to carry on The Inner Lite experience.

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