Interstate Cruisers

2015 - Band

Band Members:  Harold Vander Sloot, Charles “Chuck” Post, Phil Sweeney, Michael Anderson,
Dave Steuck, Paul Veen, Shortie Veen

In May of 1983 four young men started a band called the “Blue Ribbon Express” out of Sibley. Members included Harold Vander Sloot, Charles “Chuck” Post, Phil Sweeney and Michael Anderson. They played Iowa, Nebraska, South Dakota and Minnesota.

1985 brought the beginning of changes in the lineup. Post left and was replaced by Dave Steuck. The name of the band changed to “Interstate Band” in 1986. Paul Veen joined in 1987 when Vander Sloot left. Shortie Veen came on board in 1998. A short time later the band name changed to Interstate Cruisers.

The band played together for over two years and eventually the name changed to the “Cruisers.” In 1990 Sweeney left the band followed six months later by the departure of Anderson. The other members continued on as the Cruisers with Dave Hill on drums and vocals. In 1995 Steuck rejoined the band briefly.

The band name was changed in 2002 to PV and the Phantoms.

For a remarkable history of entertaining; bringing rock and roll music to their many fans in primarily the upper half of Iowa, Interstate Cruisers take their rightful place in the IRRMA Class of 2015.

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