Jerry Jones

2017 - Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award

At the age of 40 (27 years ago), Jerry got the bug to get more heavily involved in playing music. He was always a fan of music but never to the extent where he did much playing on stage. When the bug did hit him it was a pretty big bite; he was hooked!


He got his start playing bass guitar with a couple of country bands, played in a country comedy duet, traveled with an 80’s rock group {Prairie Fire} out of Aberdeen, South Dakota. Thirteen years ago, he moved to Spencer and did several musical plays with Spencer Community Theatre.


Then Jerry went to work with John Senn and The Senn Menn group. Later he played with Generations of Rock and Roll. Jerry now works with John Senn & Friends and the Lake Patrol Band. He was in several praise groups at numerous churches, has done a recording with Becky Thoreson and several cabarets with Clark Marshall and his group, the Sliders. Jerry has also backed several artists at The Lakes Art Center and Rock the Roof. In 2003, Jerry joined the Iowa Rock ‘N Roll Music Association as a member and continued to support live musical entertainment with his excellent bass playing talent and his dedication to live entertainment.


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