James "Jim" Juve

2014 - Disc Jockey

Jim Juve has had a diversified career in the music business of promoting and entertainment as a DeeJay, promoter and club owner. A self-made business man for more than five decades, Juve has done his part to keep the heart of rock and roll beating in Northeast Iowa and beyond.

Growing up in Decorah, Iowa, Juve was the eldest of nine. “My folks took us to Matter’s Ballroom on Saturday nights and taught us how to dance,” he recalls. By the time he was ten, he was working at Matter’s. Leonard Matter was a mentor and friend to him over the years.

Around 1959, Juve began taking his “Jim Juve Coca-Cola Teen Time Dances” on the road, and would play all over Northeast Iowa, southern Wisconsin and Minnesota. That summer he began working as a music promoter when he booked his first act, Ray Ruff. Ruff was one of the first Buddy Holly impersonators.

Over the years Juve has brought a myriad of recording artists to Winneshiek County and to different venues, some of which he has owned. In the 1970s, he introduced local music venues to bands like Mississippi, Cheyenne and White Sidewalls. He also promoted disco dance contests at the Tap Room during this time. In the 1980s, he promoted nightly dinner shows at the Cliff House, bringing in the music of the Platters for live performances along with the Diamonds and the Drifters. In the 1990s, he catered to the line dancing crowd at Cowboy’s Saloon and Dance Hall. In addition Juve was a deejay for KFIL (Preston, MN), KQYB (Spring Grove, MN), and KNEI (Waukon, IA).

In 1985 Juve built a small 9-hole golf course called Country View outside of Decorah and remodeled the old barn into a venue for music. Country View still operates today as a club for local bands and recording artists.

According to Juve, “I just enjoy the challenge of doing it [promoting] and meeting the people and performers.” He believes that you never really do this job alone, that it the people who support you and help you along the way that makes you a success. “I feel blessed to be here as an inductee.”

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