Karie Skogman

2017 - Women Who Rock

Karie’s musical journey began around the age of 9.  She would watch her mother play several pieces on the piano, and she was fascinated.  She began piano lessons, which eventually led to flute lessons, and ultimately led to guitar lessons.   Although she enjoyed them all, it was immediately apparent the guitar was the instrument for her.  By this time she had fallen in love with rock-n-roll music with the help of her brother introducing her to his wide range of albums at the time.  Karie purchased her first guitar in junior high school and never looked back.

After graduating from high school, she enrolled in college for 2 years studying business and music.  Once she graduated, her time had come to join a band and experience life on the road which she thoroughly enjoyed.

Over the years, Karie has had the opportunity to sing and play in bands with several musicians all over Central and Western United States.  In addition, she has also had many exciting opportunities to perform shows alongside National acts.  

Her current band, Lipstick Slick, is going on its 8th year.  She is most proud of this band in particular.  She is the longest member of this band and works very hard to keep the band booked on a regular basis.  When she is not singing and playing, which is rare these days, you can always find her out and about supporting other bands.  She loves to spend time with her fellow musician friends and meet new ones.

As far as the future, Karie has no plans of slowing down.  She considers herself very fortunate to have been able to pursue her dreams all these years, and when others appreciate what she has worked for, it makes it even more fulfilling to her.  Her only regret is her father passed away too soon, and she wishes she could’ve shared all her wonderful experiences with him as well.

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