Lance Harrison

2018 - Spirit Award

Lance Harrison began playing guitar at the age of seven, often emulating his father’s friends. He grew up with them gathering around with their guitars, singing ‘50s and ‘60s rock ‘n roll hits. By the age of 15 he had joined the Curtz Jr. High Capers swing choir and that same year played his first party. This would be just the beginning of a long and successful musical career.

At the age of 18, Lance had the opportunity to go on his first tour with the band Max Gordon Flipping (Flipping Star) as the bass player. In 1981 Lance started the band Frixis with his best friend, the late Kelly Starrett. Shortly after that he played guitar and sang with Randy Van Hosen in the band Roze, touring in every known venue in the Iowa region. In 1986, Lance would form his next band: Thunderteaz. With this group Lance was under the GMA agency, touring the upper midwest region in Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Dakotas. Lance is also responsible for starting the band Monkey Finger, who had an ongoing gig as the house band at the renowned Runway in Sioux City.

In 1998 Lance had an opportunity to play at the KKDM DOT Fest in Ankeny, Iowa which hosted Slip Knot that same year. Finally Lance toured with Randy Burke and the Prisoners for two years. In addition to his already extensive musical career Lance can also add having played with the following entities: Lonnie Brooks, Buddy Miles, as well as opening for Black Foote, Little Ed and the Imperials, Corey Stevens and the Texas Flood, The Dave Chastain Band, and The Alice Cooper Tribute Band.

Lance released an all acoustic EP with Trifecta Records, entitled Wood. In 2003 he also wrote and produced a soundtrack for the independent film What About Amber; the film won critical acclaim as well as an independent film award. Lance is currently the lead guitarist and singer for his band The Backseat Revelation.

When asked what his wishes would be as far as end of life planning, all Lance said was that he wanted to be remembered for his music. It is with much enthusiasm that Lance Harrison is welcomed into the Iowa Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame, Class of 2018.

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