2016 - Band

Band Members:  Tom Suter, Anne Davis, Steve Reese,
Liz Reese, Hal Saylor, Mark Houseal,
Mick Sobolik, Mark Rayer, Barb Wagner,
Scott Richard

Landslide was formed in 1980 by brothers Tom and Steve Suter. They played all around the country performing more than 4000 shows. They released two albums of original music and in 1982 won the rock to riches contest run by KKRQ in Iowa City.

Landslide was an Iowa rock band that toured the U.S. extensively throughout the 80’s. Formed in 1981 they were fronted by Tom Suter and Anne Davis (now husband and wife) who alternated lead vocals. They released two albums of original music: “Its Hard Rock” in 1987 and “Say Hello To The Night” in 1990. Both of these albums continue to be sold, traded and collected by music lovers.


Landslide won the Miller “Rock to Riches” songwriting contest, sponsored by radio station K101 in Iowa City and Miller Beer. Ten years later, the Rock to Riches winner had toured the country including Alaska and the Virgin Islands played in 42 states and did two recording projects. Landslide signed with a Minneapolis agency that also worked with The Jets.

In addition to performing thousands of gigs in over forty states and opening for national acts including Three Dog Night, and Pure Prairie League, Landslide made a significant impact on the Iowa music scene during the 80’s by playing so frequently particularly at hot spots like Maxwell’s Iowa City and inspiring countless young musicians to follow their own dreams.

Original members of Landslide included Scott Richard, Lead Guitar; Tom Suter, Rhythm Guitar and Vocals; Hal Saylor on drums; Steve Reese on bass; Liz Reese on keyboards; Steve Suter on lead & backup vocals; Anne Davis on lead & backup vocals; Barb Wagner also on lead and backup vocals.

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