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Members: Steve Litterer, Dave Litterer, Tom Litterer, Carleen Litterer, Brent Estlund

Litterer started as the Litterer Brother’s Band back in the early 1980s with Steve Litterer, Tom Litterer, and Dave Litterer. They soon realized they wanted to add keyboards to the band and asked their sister, Carleen, to start taking lessons. With the addition of Carleen, they changed the name from the Litterer Brother’s Band to the Litterer Band.

Litterer soon started booking bigger shows and concert venues. They began to tour west, visiting

states such as Colorado, Wyoming, Texas, Arizona, Montana, and Utah, even performing at the historic Whisky in Hollywood, California. 

During their career, Litterer opened for popular bands such as 38 Special, Autograph, Dr. Hook, Edgar Winter, Foghat, Grand Funk Railroad, Grass Roots, The Guess Who, Head East, James Young of STYX, J J Cale, John Cafferty, John Waite, Kansas, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Slaughter, and Tommy James and the Shondells. Litterer Band’s fondest memory is the Midnight Madness Tour with Night Ranger, during which their song Sister Christian hit #1, and they played sold-out shows.

The group later began pondering the idea of having two lead guitars. During this time, Brent Estlund was an equipment tech for the group, in addition to playing support. Due to his talent as a guitarist, Litterer soon asked him to join the band.

Litterer started recording with Catamount Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa and began writing original music, releasing their album Rock This City. Eventually, they attracted the attention of Atlantic Records, and a representative—Jason Flom—flew from New York to Mankato, Minnesota to see the group. Atlantic Records had to choose between Litterer and another band from New York called White Lion. In the end, White Lion was signed, but Litterer continued to grow.

Litterer continued to write and release original music, including She’s So Dangerous on tape. The group was popular overseas, specifically in England, and shipped much of their music there. In the mid-‘90s, the group combined all of their original songs into an album called Romancing the Night.

In 1996, the Litterer siblings made the personal decision to focus on their families instead of their music careers. Brent continued, playing with The Pork Tornadoes for nearly a decade, as well as playing and recording with Juni West.

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