2018 - Ballroom / Venue

Lorados began their journey in March of 1993 with a small menu, featuring blackened chicken and fish. Within a year they added a full service bar and expanded their hours. At that time Lorados hosted their first live music event with, Larry Myer performing, as a thank you to their new and steadily growing clientele. Larry Myer still continues to perform at Lorados three to four times yearly.

Over the years Lorados has had the privilege of hosting many different genres of music and bands from the Midwest. In 2002 they met Nicholas Davi and the Feelin Band, who would go on to perform regularly for the next 10 years. Nicholas Davi would later receive national recognition in 2012 as a contestant on The Voice, performing on Cee Lo Green’s team.

Additionally, Lorados has hosted a plethora of talent. Some of the many include: Patrick Hazell, Sketer Lewis, T.U.G.G., Radslove, Joe Price, Dave Moore, Kung Foo Hippies, Javiar Trejo, Ire Sol, Lucy Michelle, B.F. Burt and the Blues Instigators, Mud Puppies, Rob Lombard, and the Evergreen Grass Band. Lorados has also been a big supporter of their local musicians - from rock ‘n roll with Corn Fed to jazz with Rene Racinos and his many band members. Through all of the bands Lorados has hosted their local Harps man, Andy Blumanthol, has been at their beck and call.

Lorados has been honored to have so many talented musicians grace their bar. As the years march on, they continue with their slogan “Live Music is Better.”

Honoring achievements, educating youth, and inspiring artists.

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