Lynn Allen

2016 - Band

Band Members:  Billy Peiffer, Terry Murphy,
Tim Compton, Tim Murphy,
John Williamson, Kevin Sampson

Lynn Allen was formed in 1983 by Billy Peiffer. Hailing from Davenport, Iowa Lynn Allen made their mark by doing the almost unheard of for a rock band from the Midwest; writing, playing and recording original music. Their first album (yes vinyl) was a four song mini LP that yielded their first radio play. The band was an instant hit in the Midwest. Lynn Allen went right back into the studio, recording their first full length LP “We Laugh At You” in the legendary Record Plant Studios in New York City. This album showed the Midwest and the world they were here and here to stay. Selling this album all over the world, Lynn Allen received high reviews for the release in major music magazines in the United States and abroad.

Lynn Allen has been signed to various labels over the years and still maintains a strong European following. Kerrang Magazine in London has done many features on the band and even rated one of the ‘90s releases behind Skid Row as album of the year. Just perform an eBay search and see how much out of print recordings bring. Bill is currently working on his 10th studio release and has entertained thousands both headlining and as an opening act for such bands as: Styx, REO Speedwagon, Night Ranger, The Outfield, Ratt, and on and on...


It was obvious that they were going to keep recording and keep playing live. While Lynn Allen has gone through it’s share of players they remain constant and a force to be reckoned with in the music scene. Now some 30 years later Lynn Allen has released 10 albums as well as two DVD’S. Billy Peiffer released 2 CD’S with “Billy Peiffer and Iowa,” a band he says is “Mellencampy.” Both bands have toured extensively supporting and headlining countless shows all over the world.

In March of 2015 Lynn Allen released “Streetlight,” their 10th release. Streetlight is the fastest selling CD on the London, England based AOR BLVD Records label to date! Lynn Allen continues to play live and is always writing and recording new material. If you have spent many Saturday nights in a music club you have more than likely had the pleasure of hearing and seeing Lynn Allen!

Long serving members of Lynn Allen include John Williamson – Bass, Mark DeKalb – drums, Bob Boyd – drums, Terry Murphy – Guitar, Tim Compton – Guitar, Tim Murphy – Bass, and others throughout the years.

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