Mac Coffin Jr

2017 - Iowa Rock 'n Roll Music Association Lifetime Achievement Award

Mac began his interest in music in grade school, continuing through high school. He played drums and piano. Mac realized at an early age that he was not as talented as some in music and vocals. He graduated from the University of Iowa with a degree in business and finance and joined his family business immediately upon graduation.


Mac is now president and owner of Frank Millard & Company in Burlington. He is a fifth-generation owner of a 153-year-old general, mechanical and electrical construction business.


Coffin was always interested in music and had an excellent ear for all genres. He was given a chance to become involved in the promotion when he joined the board of directors of Burlington Steamboat Days/American Music Festival in 1991.

He became president in 1997. Steamboat Days was at a crossroads during his presidency. It had a disastrous year in 1996 and was in financial trouble. As incoming president, he and a couple of board members went to the community and raised enough money to have the event. 1997 was the most profitable year to date and guaranteed the future of the event.


In 2002 Mac assumed the role of Vice President of Entertainment and continues to hold that position to date. 2017 will be his last year. He served 26 years on the board and 16 years in charge of entertainment. Burlington Steamboat Days has become one of the top music festivals in Iowa and will celebrate 55 years this year. He has booked hundreds of national, regional and local bands during his career with Steamboat Days. His other musical involvement centers around partnership and partial ownership of Police Productions in St. Louis, Missouri since 1998. Police Productions is a national promoter of rock, country, classic rock and comedy. They have done national tours for many of today’s top acts.


Mac, as president of Frank Millard & Company, has been a sponsor of numerous musical festivals, music events and music fundraisers in Southeast Iowa for many years.


For a lifetime of music support and participation, benefitting thousands of musicians, Mac is recognized with induction into the Iowa Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame with a lifetime achievement award.

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