Mark Vos

2016 - Matousek Family Lifetime Achievement Award

Mark Vos, once named the best voice in Iowa radio, was an on-air favorite in the state’s two major metro corridors. Vos worked in radio for over 40 years, ending his career at KFMG in Des Moines, but he worked at many stations including: KLSS Mason City, KPLL Des Moines, KC14 Des Moines, KGGO Des Moines, KKRQ Iowa City, KRNA Iowa City/Cedar Rapids, KFMG Des Moines and the 50,000-watt giant WHO in Des Moines.

When it came to musical loves, Vos’ band was the Beatles, with a preference for George Harrison. He was a musician in his own right, playing bass and guitar, and also sang and wrote songs. His band Jif and the Choosey Mothers once performed in front of a crowd of thousands in Cedar Rapids’ Czech Village. Another band Mark was a part of, Snakes in the Hay, recorded the tune “I Love You, Goodbye,” as a tribute to Mark’s late brother.

Vos was a champion of local rock and roll. Using his own money, he compiled and released a full length record album called “The Rock in Eastern Iowa” which had a collection of songs from some of the best local bands eastern Iowa had to offer. Later, he partnered up with a major beer company to produce “Rock to Riches,” another collection of locally produced rock and roll, with the winner receiving a prize and air time.

Mark was always playing and promoting local music during his air shifts and personally cut commercials promoting shows for many Iowa based bands.

Sadly, Mark left us in the spring of 2013, but his warm baritone voice resonates in the memories of family, friends and fans throughout Central and Southeast Iowa.

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