Marla Black

2017 - Support People

It was 20 years ago that Marla got to witness her husband Dale being inducted into the Iowa Rock n Roll Music Association Hall of Fame with Dale and The Devonaires.  Never in her wildest imagination did she expect that she would experience being inducted herself.

Not only was Marla an active supporter of the Devonaires but also her husband’s Dale Black and the Black Magic Band.  Before the bands 30 year reunion you could find the guys practicing at the Black home and Marla always made sure the guys were well fed.  Finding sponsors and hanging posters were also jobs Marla was happy to assist with.

After the success of the reunion the Devonaires continued to perform and of course the practice sessions at the Black house with Marla continuing her role as chief cook.  It was during this time that IRRMA shows would pop up in Fort Dodge and the first people always called would be Dale and Marla.  The Hall could always count on Dale and The Devonaires to perform and of course Marla to get out pounding the streets looking for sponsors and when ready hanging posters.  The night of the shows Marla made sure that band members performing that night could always find food backstage which was a welcome sight especially to the bands that traveled from out of town.  After her husband’s passing in 2013, Marla continues to support IRRMA and assist with shows in Fort Dodge as recently as this past May. IRRMA is proud to welcome Marla Frank Black into the IRRMA Hall of Fame in the Support category.

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