As an established non-profit organization, donations and gifts help the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Music Association work towards our mission of retaining and honoring the legacy of rock ’n’ roll music in the state of Iowa. We strive to preserve this legacy by:

  • Displaying memorabilia in the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Museum
  • Inducting those who have made a significant impact to rock ’n’ roll in Iowa into the Iowa Rock ’n’ Roll Hall of Fame
  • Putting on concerts around the state of Iowa featuring bands of all ages
  • Providing the Rock ’n’ Roll Scholarship Program that awards a scholarship each year to one Iowa student who is furthering their education in music
  • Offering the 4Rs Rock ’n’ Roll Education program which teaches Iowa students the history of rock ’n’ roll and how Iowa played a part.

There are various ways you can donate to the IRRMA: through a Living Memorial, a Living Legacy or by becoming a member if you are not already!


Living Memorials

A Living Memorial is a gift that can be made for any occasion. They can be made in honor of family and friends for holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, or for the birth of a child or grandchild. They can also be made in honor of meaningful days such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other personal days.

A Living Legacy

A gift can also be made in a will or living trust that establishes a lasting legacy for your family or friends. These include:

  • Excess retirement funds (pension plans or IRAs) can allow you to give more while avoiding taxes that decrease the value of these assets.
  • Life insurance that has fulfilled its original purpose and may provide excellent tax benefits
  • Policies purchased to protect a loved one that no longer needs the policy are a great way to honor your loved one
  • Gifts that provide you with income can be a tax-effective way to provide you and/or a loved one you designate with regular payments for life

Discuss with your adviser and family about making a donation to the Iowa Rock ’n’ Music Association to help us continue to work toward our mission and make a great memorial gift.