Michael Cutsforth

2014 - Individual Artist

Waterloo native Michael Cutsforth got his first guitar at age eight on a family vacation to Chicago. Although eighty percent mute due to a vocal defect at birth, Cutsforth was determined to become a rock singer.

At age fifteen he formed his own group called “Clear Skies.” After a brief tour as a full-time musician on the road at age sixteen, Cutsforth returned to Waterloo and “Clear Skies.” Chiefly a cover band, they began experimenting with original music to some success among their fans. The band played until August 1976 and disbanded to pursue higher education. After performing under the name Michael Gordon and touring across Canada and the northern midwest Cutsforth returned to Waterloo where he put together a local band called “Hip Pocket.” He eventually moved on to a more rock-oriented style of music and formed the band “Mynx” along with his brother Kevin on drums.

Cutsforth left the band and headed for Los Angeles. The trip led to an eventual signing of a developmental deal with United Artists. Some recording was done with LA studio players, but the studio went bankrupt and the project never completed. Back in Waterloo with his new band “The Proof,” Cutsforth again took material out, this time to Nashville. A chance meeting with Chip Young in a Nashville parking lot led to a deal with RCA Records. Unfortunately, that deal feel through due to a delayed release. “The Proof,” meanwhile, has become one of the most popular and highest-paid acts in the Midwest. The main personnel were on the road 48 weeks a year for five and a half years without a single personnel change.

At the age of 32, Cutsforth disbanded “The Proof” to return home and pursue more recording and other musical interests. Stumbling into a job at KFMW/KWLO radio, he quickly excelled and was a full time air personality within six months. Some months later he was promoted to Promotions Director.

On off nights Cutsforth became interested in the country music scene and put together his own country band called “Remember the Alamo.” Featuring four strong lead singers it was the first solid venture into being a skilled harmony vocalist for Cutsforth as he didn’t consider himself a true country singer. In their 2 1/2 year existence RTA opened for over sixty major label acts.

Approaching fifty years of age, Cutsforth decided to start his own band after a brief hiatus called “The Wicked Andersons.” Now, at age 56, Cutsforth feels extremely flattered and humbled that audiences are still turning out to hear what he has to offer after forty years on the music scene. Facing a limited time left to play due to the crippling effects of Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome and the decreasing use of his hands, Cutsforth is running the Mix Castle Recording Studio and is teaching audio production at Hawkeye Community College. He has received numerous awards for his production work and his jingle writing. He continues to write, record, produce and teach on a daily basis and plays weekly with “The Wicked Andersons” and friends.

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