Mississippi Band

2010 - Band

The Mississippi Band was formed back in 1972 at a place called Faraway Farms just south of Dubuque.

Dwayne Fudge and Bill “Cricket” Davis started the band with a vision to bring great music to Eastern Iowa. There was Fred Larsen…then Dave Hummel came along in late 1973; but left in early 1975, returning to the band in 1977.

After winning the Sundown Country Music Festival, Mark Oberfell and Charlie Troy joined the band, as they went on the road from ‘77 to ‘83. Mississippi Band played with such notables as Hank Williams,

The band was hired to appear in the movie “Take This Job and Shove It” in 1981; the same year its first album was released called “Take Your Chances.” The album was well received.

The band continues to perform today. In 2000 the second album was released; named appropriately “Mississippi Band 2000.” The newest CD is called “Dave’s Songs” featuring the band and Dave’s wife Billie Sue Hummel on all original songs. There have been many members of the band through the years. The band salutes all the members…past and present…and the Mississippi Band keeps on rollin’ along.

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