Molly Nova

2012 - Women Who Rock

Around the time Molly Nova was starting her first band, she was told that 'women don't have the dexterity or imagination to play an instrument'. Years later, while sitting in with the band in Rock Island, IL, guitarist Roy Buchanan turned to her (on bass) and said 'not bad for a girl'. Really? Starting with the Red Rooster band in 1977, Molly has played and recorded with The Blue Band, Patrick Hazell, Rob Lumbard (2 Bobs & a Babe), The Janeys, Molly Nova & The Hawk, and has been a guest of many other regional and national artists spanning 34 years (so far).

Molly grew up in Cedar Falls, IA, and started playing classical violin in the fourth grade. By the time sixth grade rolled around she was playing guitar and piano, and after high school experimented with different musical styles. There were a few acoustic endeavors, then when one of her first bands lost its bass player she discovered the joy of being in the rhythm section, and at about the same time picked her violin back up and started learning how to improvise on it.

In 1981 Molly co-founded The Blue Band with Bob Dorr, and over the ensuing 20 years of playing in this renowned band there were countless great fans, great musicians, and great memories. During that time, due to the extraordinary generosity of a true fan, she was put on the 1997 & 1998 Ultimate Rhythm & Blues Cruises so she could jam on her 5-string electric violin with performers, including Maria Muldaur, Taj Mahal, The Reverend Billy C. Wirtz, Chubby Carrier, & Stray Cats' Slim Jim Phantom. Molly considers the honor of seeing Etta James on the first cruise to be one of the highlights of her life.

In 2001 Molly made the difficult decision to leave the Blue Band. She and drummer/vocalist/songwriter and soulmate Turk Krause, buoyed by the strength of an all original CD they recorded the year before, moved to Minneapolis to challenge themselves in a tough market with their all new band 'Molly Nova & The Hawk'. They saw some success, their CD winning a Mpls Music Association award for best CD and being part of many festivals, including the Chicago Blues Fest three years in a row. Molly would also realize her life's truest highlight with kindred spirit Turk: "I did what every smart bass player should do, I married my drummer!"

After their 2005 summer tour the band got derailed by a faltering economy & slumping live music scene. It became the right time to take care of aging parents and regroup for the next segment of a long successful music career. Molly is currently working with the Nashville scene, concentrating on songwriting & studio work and making plans to hit the stage again soon!

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