Mylan Ray

2012 - Disc Jockey

Mylan Ray started his broadcasting career at WOKC in Okeechobee, Florida, after attending the nation's top broadcasting school, Brown Institute in Minneapolis, MN. Fifteen months later, Mylan moved up to a major market and performed an on-air show in the greater Miami area for Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood on station WGMA.

In 1975, Mylan returned to his hometown area of southwestern Minnesota, working in Pipestone for KLOH Radio as Air Personality, Music Director, and Program Director. For thirty-six years, Mylan has been on the air for all three stations owned by Christensen Broadcasting, occupying, at one time or another, every possible air-shift. At one point, Mylan had a daily show on all three stations KLOH, KISD and KJOE. Mylan's popular air-show, the "Super Gold Hour," eventually helped convert KIDS's format from contemporary-pop to one of Pure Gold Oldies. Mylan currently hosts the Morning Show on KISD weekdays, 8:00 a.m. to noon. He is also on KJOE (Country) weekdays, 3:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Along with his on-air presence, that many in southwest Minnesota basically grew up listening to, Mylan was the first mobile DJ in the area to perform at dances. He had started "Ray-dio Enterprises" in 1977, using the name Outlaw Disco. Over the course of twenty-eight years, Mylan's estimated 1,500 dances covered much of southwest Minnesota, southeast South Dakota, and northwest Iowa, and is still going strong. Today, his mobile music service is simply billed under his name, Mylan Ray.

Always enterprising, in 1999, Mylan created Main St. Jamboree, a live two-hour country radio show performing downtown at the Pipestone Performing Arts Center. More than a hundred local and regional performers appeared on over forty shows. Main St. Jamboree was a major fundraiser for the Arts Center, showcasing many artists on live radio, who otherwise may not have ever received the exposure. Hosted and produced by Mylan Ray, Main St. Jamboree brought a taste of the Opry, Branson, and Hee-Haw to the upper Midwest on a regular basis. In the process, it helped many talented performers get discovered and make a connection in Music City.

Thanks to his radio career, Mylan has personally met hundreds of national recording stars. He has enjoyed the chance to interview countless artists, from Alabama and Merle Haggard to Quiet Riot, and he has introduced countless more stars on stage. Although not a musician, Mylan has been involved in every kind of music venture possible, from songwriting and booking agent, to writing a column for a local music publication. Mylan's personal business "Ray-dio Enterprises" has allowed him to work as a voice talent and guest speaker, along with producing agency radio ads, narrating promotional videos, and announcing at the Pipestone Civil War Days. Mylan has a massive record collection and extensive music trivia knowledge, which has earned Mylan the reputation of being the area "Music Man."

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