New Colony Six

2002 - Band

Members: Ray Graffia, Pat Mcbride, Chic James, Craig Kemp, Wally Kemp, Jerry VanKollenberg, and Ronnie Rice


No single group defined the “Windy City” sound of the 1960s as well as New Colony Six. NC 6 was a recording and hit-making machine.

In all they recorded for Mercury, MCA, Sunlight, Sentar, and Centaur recording labels. The band charted 21 singles on Billboard’s charts and released four unforgettable LPs.

Their stage attire drew a crowd reaction. Revolutionary dress with knee high leather boots gave them the “edge” that made them unforgettable to the fans.

The original lineup featured Ray Graffia (vocals), Pat McBride (vocals), Chic James (drums), Craig Kemp (keyboards), Wally Kemp (bass) and Jerry Van Kollenberg (guitar. Later Ronnie Rice joined the group on guitar and vocals. Replacing departing members later on were Chuck Jobes (keyboards), Less Kummel (bass), Billy Herman (drums) and Bruce Matty (guitar).

The saga for this powerhouse band began in 1964 and lasted until 1974. After a brief retirement, NC 6 reformed under Ray Graffia and today ranks as one of Mid-America’s top live attractions.

Their long list of chart successes includes: “I Confess” – 1964; “I Lie Awake” – 1965; “Love You So Much” – 1966; “I’m Just Waiting” – 1967; “I Will Always Think About You” – 1968; “Can’t You See Me Cry” – 1968; “Things I’d Like To Say” – 1968; “I Could Never Lie To You” – 1969; “Barbara, I Love You” – 1969; “Roll On” – 1971; “Never Be Lonely” – 1971 and “Someone Sometime” – 1974.

They were frequent headliners at Iowa ballrooms in the 1960s and 1970s. With regular stops at such venues as: the Roof Garden in Arnolds Park, Danceland in Cedar Rapids, Starline in Carroll, the Surf at Clear Lake and the Laramar/Pla Mor in Fort Dodge; NC 6 were the top draws on the scene at that time.

New Colony 6’s statewide appeal in Iowa and outstanding achievements nationally earn this band the out-of-state representative slot on the list of 2002 Hall of Fame Inductees.


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