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Nick Knedler started playing guitar at 15. A couple of years later he won a Gibson Les Paul after entering a contest—he pushed a peanut with his nose faster than the other competitors—at his local shop. Not long after, he started playing in various garage bands.

One early band, Onslaught, started playing out locally at venues such as the infamous Woodshed, where the owner called Nick the hardest working

lead guitarist in the area. 

Nick's next musical adventure was playing lead guitar for Smokehouse. There, he had had the opportunity to open for many big-name acts, including Bon Jovi, Dokken, and Metallica. After a five year stint in Smokehouse, Nick moved on to Sexion 8, Big E and the Bluze Bizness, and Supernatural, who wrote and produced an album of original music.

Nick was often referred to as the local guitar hero who would put on a show for the crowd. He’d play his guitar on the ground like a piano, throw his pick behind his back and catch it, and even play his guitar with a pick mounted on a cordless drill to get the ultimate speed-picking effect.

As Nick matured, so did his playing. He put out a solo instrumental album Fingerprints with various styles of music. Several years later with the invention of Youtube, Nick entered a contest by Randy Bachman (Bachman-Turner Overdrive, The Guess Who). All he had to do was create a solo for Randy’s new song better than what Peter Frampton played on Randy's album, film it, and upload it to Youtube. Hearing about the contest three days before the deadline, Nick got to work, submitted his solo, and won. The prize included a new guitar and two plane tickets to Beverly Hills where he would play onstage with Randy Bachman.

Currently, Nick plays in a blues band, Bluzillion; an acoustic duo named Burning Analog; and his all-original rock act Stars in Toledo. Nick is the main composer of Stars in Toledo's music, and their debut album has sold more copies than any other local band at the hometown shop Weird Harold's. Nick still plays his guitar every day and loves it just as much as when he started.

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