The Night People

2017 - Band

Band Members:  Michael Stroehle, Robert Dahms,
Gary Pearson, Richard Collignon, Kenny White, Forrest Sonny Ashcraft

The Night People were formed by two cousins, Mike Stroehle and Rob Dahms, in 1964. Their popularity grew immediately. You see, the cousins at the time had a canny resemblance to The Beatles. With the addition of two other members, they played the music of the most popular era ever The 60's. They performed four nights a week at the Quad Citiesiconic Nite Club, The Draught House, and the legendary Col Ballroom drawing thousands of ecstatic fans every week. After a decade of performing together, the guys parted ways for a period. They always stayed in touched and would continuously play music, sometimes together, and sometimes apart. 

When the 80's came, they responded to the many requests of their fans and got back together opening up Davenport's River Center for their first reunion. The event drew 3.000 people with another 2,000 standing in line to get in. The next reunion brought 12,000 people at the band-shell in Davenport. Other reunions followed over the next two decades with attendance never wavering. The band continues to play today and still has a good following. The Night People have entertained thousands of people. They've opened up for hundreds of famous acts including Jimi Hendrix in 1968 at The Col Ballroom. Their love for music and the remarkable talent that they possess has been a part of so many lives for 52 years. Their fans still want to hear the music played by the band they love, The Night People.

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