Nob Hill Ballroom

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Nob Hill Ballroom started life as the Breezy Hill Pavilion, located on Hwy 52 North of Decorah, Iowa, in January of 1937. The original purpose of the building was for use as a dance hall, catering to square dancers; Matter's Ballroom (built in 1923 and inducted into IRRMA Hall Of Fame in 1993) was the main local dance hall of the time, and didn't have adequate space for square dancers do all their dance steps on crowded Saturday nights. The square dancers thus elected to build their own facility, the Breezy Point Pavilion, and to help with expenses, used it as a roller skating rink in the afternoon and a dance hall in the evening. One of the most famous entertainers to appear at Breezy Hill was the Lawrence Welk Orchestra from St. Paul, Minnesota, and the business continued successfully until the end of World War II (1947).

After the war, Anton Bernatz with the American Legion of Decorah purchased it, and over the next fifteen (15) years, hosted many entertainers and dance bands. Over time, dwindling membership persuaded the Legion to sell Breezy Hill to Gerald Dahly in May 1964, who changed the name to Nob Hill Supper Club and Ballroom. He remodeled the facility, and in October 1964 sold it to Richard Chaffee, who was involved in several jazz and swing bands. For the next eleven (11) years, every weekend was booked with bands and music. Some of the most popular bands of the Midwest played at Nob Hill, including The White Side Walls, The Originals and many popular local bands. Over the next several years, the facility changed hands several times, and in November of 1986, present owners Steve & Linda Henning purchased the facility, and they continue to operate it. Wedding receptions, banquets, and dances are staples of the Nob Hill's busy schedule, and it remains a very popular facility, booking current bands and IRRMA inductees, such as the GTO's, Richie Lee, Coupe-de-ville, Deborah Coleman, Bob Dorr & the Blue Band are just a few.

Steve & Linda Henning, Owners

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