Norm & Jeanette Shwartz

2010 - Spirit Award

50’s era comes back to life… a step back in time…..

Norm & Jeanette Schwartz purchased the High School Auditorium in Waterbury, NE , with the intent to use it for storage for their classic car collection.

Norm received a call from a friend who knew he was looking for a building for storage. He called the owner and walked through the auditorium in the summer of 1996. He traded an ‘87 black Corvette and cash for the building. As time went on they decided to do something more fun with their prized possession. The couple began to breathe new life into this 1953 gymnasium.    

Their purpose was to give people a nice place to go to enjoy themselves. Involved in the process was pretty much a complete restoration. The walls were painted, the plumbing re-vamped, the ceiling painted and a 1200 square foot hardwood dance floor installed. Also, several areas of the roof were replaced. Several years ago air conditioning was installed and, still the improvements continue.

A throwback to a simpler time, the auditorium exudes a 50’s feel from the hot pink ‘57 Chevy convertible suspended above the bar to the Elvis & Marilyn Monroe statues near the stage. On the other side of the room there is a ‘60 Cadillac plus a ‘50 black Ford with flames. In front of the stage is a ‘55 Chevy.

Storm’n Norman’s also features a 12 ft projector screen that shows films of The King and other  performers of the 50-60’s era. Storm’n Norman ’s is their hobby; only open one night a month featuring 50-60’s rock & roll bands. They encourage bands to reunite to play as well as promote the young people who are performing old time rock and roll. IRRMA has been strongly supported by this pair of rock and roll music lovers. As Lifetime members of IRRMA, they are constantly asking how they can be of help.

Norm has been an agent with American Family Insurance for 33 years and wife, Jeanette has been his assistant for 24 years.  They have three daughters, one son, a son-in-law and 6 grandchildren.

According to the Schwartzs, time after time their rock & roll lovers thank them for having Storm’n Norman’s…a step back in time. IRRMA thanks Norm and Jeanette for all they do for rock and roll music. They truly exemplify the intent of the Spirit Award!

Norm passed away on February 16, 2013. The whole IRRMA family is sad to have said goodbye to a wonderful man with such a passion for music.

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